RECOM-Sillia outgrowing French borders

Milan, Italy, July 28th – RECOM, the largest European manufacturer of PV panels, announces the commencement of operations in Lannion production site, aiming at serving clients in France and abroad. The first solar modules launched in the market by RECOM-Sillia are the High Efficiency 290-295 Wp, full black.

Only one month after the acquisition, RECOM-Sillia has a pipeline of new projects totalling 20 MW, out of which 2/3 for customers outside France.

Further investments in the production lines are planned till the end of the year to increase the capacity and accommodate needs also for clients beyond French borders.

“It is a great satisfaction for all the employees of RECOM-SILLIA to restart the activity in Lannion’s site. After a break of several months, we can again fulfil all the demands of our clients, who remained loyal to us, but we can also produce and deliver RECOM-SILLIA’s products for diverse projects around the world.” says Nicolas Proux, RECOM-SILLIA Production Manager.

Sillia’s solar modules already bear the required carbon footprint certification for bidding eligibility on French solar projects. Improvements were implemented by RECOM, after acquiring the factory and we expect to obtain the updated carbon footprint certification form Certisolis by the end of July.

“Our pledge is to provide to our clients only high quality products according to strict European standards and values, advocate global commitment to preserve the environment and promote the transition to cleaner, safer and affordable energy.” says Hamlet Tunyan, President and CEO of RECOM Group.

Embedding in RECOM group a French factory consolidates its production capabilities, competitiveness, and financial solidity.



Established in 2007, RECOM has marked a fast and steady growth from a PV module manufacturer to an IPP. RECOM’s business philosophy is focusing on promoting cost-efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly solutions and state-of-the-art production of PV modules in Europe and Asia.



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