About Us
Who We Are
RECOM is a France based Renewable Energy Company with notable presence in the global solar industry. RECOM produces modules, cells, inverters, hybrid storage systems, batteries and EV chargers. RECOM is a leading and the only Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturerin Europe with above 3.2GW annual production capacity and with sales of solar modules in more than 110 countries.

Along to our own manufacturing facility in France and local R&D team, we invest in, and work with leading global research institutions and manufacturers to innovate, develop, share and commercialize the latest technological advances in solar module manufacturing. Our primary R&D partner in the area of solar panels is a leading French research center, the National Institute for Solar Energy (CEA/INES). We also work with other research centers, universities and manufacturing companies as our portfolio expands. We drive innovation in unique energy production and storage applications.

We pioneer in power and energy storage solutions, as it comes to skid mounted panel-inverter solutions for residential applications or to utility scale energy solutions. All our products are designed and engineered in Europe. We are always ahead of the curve and we bring to consumers the very latest in technology.
Our Mission
is to lessen humanity’s dependence on
fossil fuel, overcome global imbalances and
halt the degradation of our environment.
Our Vision
is to enable countries, corporations and households achieve energy independence, solarizing the world energy supply and making clean energy the source for all
electricity, mobility and smart infrastructure of the future.

Our Values

Environmental Stewardship
Focus on the Firm
Customer First
Environmental Stewardship
Focus on the Firm
Customer First
What Drives Us
Renewable sources, ubiquitous and infinitely available, can supply energy evenly to people and communities across continents and regions, regardless of their wealth and social standing, generate growth and help avoid economic and military conflicts around the world-and all this in a clean and sustainable environment. At RECOM we believe in such a future and we work constantly to make solar energy available everywhere and for everyone.

Doing things right is one of our most important values at RECOM. We are committed to providing high-quality services and products to meet the interests and satisfaction of our customers. We provide value for money and deliver the best customer service and experience.

As we aim to achieve our dual goals of exceptional quality and fair price, we are always mindful of our commitment to act with the highest standard of integrity in all of our business decisions and actions. Internally, we are ethnically diverse, gender-equal one team, accountable and respectful among ourselves and towards others. Externally, the respect for human rights, labor laws, fair competition and environmental considerations are the guiding principles in our choices for outsourcing, procurement and end users.
Module Efficiency Over 23.6%
Low Temperature Coefficient -0.24% / °C
>91.25% Output After 30 Years
30 Years Product & Output Warrant
Wide Variety
Reduced Risk of Micro Cracks
Price Stability
Superior Aesthetics
0% Front Grid Shading Loss
Low-carbon Footprint
Warranties Longer Than Competitors
RECOM is the Only Company with Five Different Cell Technologies
Product Availability Upon Short Notice
Fast, Low Cost and Timely Delivery From Our European Factories or European Warehouses to Your Door
All Products are Tested and Certified and are Designed and Engineered in Europe
Top PV Brand

RECOM won the EuPD Research
Sustainable Management
GmbH Award for TOP BRAND

RECOM is the only Bloomberg Tier 1 PV
module manufacturer in Europe
with sales of over 3,2GW solar modules
in more than 110 countries

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About the job
RECOM stands at the forefront of the Solar Energy industry and has established corporate branches worldwide. In all of its operations, the company maintains ‘best workplace practices’ and upholds the highest ethical standards. RECOM is an equal opportunity employer who prides itself for its diverse background and has developed its workforce based solely on skills and expertise.

We are seeking a Business Development Manager to establish and maintain relationships with customers in the German market.
In detail:
Identifying business opportunities by evaluating prospects and the industry segmentation; researching and analysing sales possibilities.
Executing the sales plan in accordance with the goals and targets.
Building and maintaining client relationships, guaranteeing client satisfaction, new business acquisition & ensuring customer loyalty.
Preparing sales reports by collecting, analysing, and summarising information.
Maintaining high quality customer service and representing the company in line with its core values.

Language – Fluent in English & German.
Experience – A minimum of 1 year experience in channel sales within a corporate environment.
Promptness – We need a motivated, people oriented person.
Organisational Skills – Strong attention to detail and proven organisational and time management skills
Attitude – Highly professional appearance, character and conduct.
Problem-solver – Problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
Lifestyle – Flexibility and ability to travel
Passion for solar energy