With our product eco system, we cater to all your solar needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. We offer a diverse range of Solar Panels and we also provide Inverters, Energy Storage Systems and EV Chargers for the growing demand in mobility charging solutions. We bring you one step closer to eliminating environmental degradation.

Regardless of your home requirements, we can fulfill them with precision and excellence. Explore the advantages of solar energy with us and build strong foundations for a sustainable future!
Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
6.24 kWp
Ljubljana, Slovenia
10.8 kWp
Shilon, IL
10.8 kWp
Commercial & Industrial
Whether you are a small business owner, own or rent large offices, a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, almost any commercial or industrial enterprise can benefit from solar energy. We also work with real estate investment managers, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust), and developers to help turn under-utilized areas into revenue generating assets. The advantages of going solar are multiple. For example, you can reduce tenancy costs and even create new revenue streams, all without any up-front expense.

RECOM solar panels can be installed on rooftops, in parking areas or vacant spaces which are owned or rented by the business so you can benefit from energy rates which are often substantially lower than commercial power. We work across the full spectrum of the solar industry with key developers, EPC’s, installers, wholesalers, and distributors from around the world.
Bavaria, Germany
850 KWp
556 kWp
Landgraaf, Netherlands
3.03 MW
Maastricht, Netherlands
2.065 MW
Gorinchem, Netherlands
1.2 MW
Route des Jeunes 16, Lancy, Switzerland
1.507 MW
Turku, Finland
900 KW
Turku, Finland
900 KW
Quality and experience matters, especially where utilities are concerned. It’s crucial to know how to maintain the performance of a large solar power plant and ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency not just now, but 25 years down the line and beyond. From selecting the appropriate site for optimum performance, to maintenance and asset management, there’s a minefield of expertise required when it comes to utility-scale solar. And that’s where we come in.

RECOM is proud to be a leading total solar solutions provider leveraging our progress to enable greater sustainability impact for our customers and our industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of developers, EPCs, and utility companies in dozens of countries across the globe to bring large-scale solar projects to life.

RECOM collaborates with internationally accredited EPC’s, developers and financial institutions, and we’re committed to helping investors, partners and clients achieve maximum ROI on their solar investments through a combination of innovative PV module manufacturing and sophisticated financial services.

From favorable payment terms to bridge financing, we provide tailor-made financing solutions for small to large scale solar projects worldwide, as well as engineering support and consultancy right up to connection to the grid.
Tukums, Tukuma pilsēta, Tukums Municipality, Latvia
5.2 MW
Dobrosloveni, Olt County, Romania
19.2 MW
Dubovo, Municipality of Mulgliz, Bulgaria
7.5 MW
California, USA
12.37 MW
A2 Landfill Auburn, NY, USA
7 MW
Chelveston, United Kingdom
8.09 MW + 12.5 MW
Central Bulgaria villages of Yassenovo and Golyamo Dryanovo
26.46 MW
Repower Turnkey Solutions
Repower, a company of Recom Technologies Group, offers integrated Photovoltaic System solutions for Net Metering adapted 100% to your needs. Now you can choose the solution that suits you best, according to your electricity consumption and your available space ensuring energy independence and eliminating your electricity bills whether it is for your home or business.

Repower has the necessary know-how to offer design, installation and maintenance solutions for any Photovoltaic System and undertakes for you the entire process of issuing a permit and installation of a Photovoltaic System, capable of serving your electricity needs for 25 years.
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About the job
RECOM stands at the forefront of the Solar Energy industry and has established corporate branches worldwide. In all of its operations, the company maintains ‘best workplace practices’ and upholds the highest ethical standards. RECOM is an equal opportunity employer who prides itself for its diverse background and has developed its workforce based solely on skills and expertise.

We are seeking a Business Development Manager to establish and maintain relationships with customers in the German market.
In detail:
Identifying business opportunities by evaluating prospects and the industry segmentation; researching and analysing sales possibilities.
Executing the sales plan in accordance with the goals and targets.
Building and maintaining client relationships, guaranteeing client satisfaction, new business acquisition & ensuring customer loyalty.
Preparing sales reports by collecting, analysing, and summarising information.
Maintaining high quality customer service and representing the company in line with its core values.

Language – Fluent in English & German.
Experience – A minimum of 1 year experience in channel sales within a corporate environment.
Promptness – We need a motivated, people oriented person.
Organisational Skills – Strong attention to detail and proven organisational and time management skills
Attitude – Highly professional appearance, character and conduct.
Problem-solver – Problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
Lifestyle – Flexibility and ability to travel
Passion for solar energy