Ukraine is harvesting the sun with RECOM’s support

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, March 29 – RECOM is delighted to announce it recently deployed its High Voltage 345Wp solar modules for the construction of a major photovoltaic project of 3.2 MW in Odessa region, Ukraine.

Suvorovo Solar park is the first project in Ukraine to use High Voltage solar modules that have up to a 40% increase in rated output power of inverters. It consists of 9.288 modules, that are sprawled over 6 hectares of Ukrainian land, and was completed within 1.5 months, in December 2016. Suvorovo Solar will be providing clean and affordable solar power to local households in the area, while ensuring the safety of our environment as emission of CO2 will be reduced by 3.000 tons per year.

The Suvorovo Solar project marks the country’s efforts to what is a series of steps made towards innovation and global solar movement. In 2017, Ukraine plans to install solar plants that could reach a capacity of 1GW and RECOM will be supporting this effort through fruitful collaborations with key domestic stakeholders, expertise and premium products.

“With a strong long-term vision and right choice of capable, knowledgeable and trustworthy partners there are no impossible missions. Innovation, Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, and Financial Solidity are all key factors that establish us as trustable partners”, said of this achievement Hamlet Tunyan, CEO of RECOM.

As a result of the successful collaboration for Suvorovo Solar project development, RECOM extended its partnership with Rengy Development for second project of9.5MW located in Odessa region. This project is currently under construction and it is scheduled to be finalized in May 2017.

“Suvorovo Solar was our first project in cooperation with RECOM and it marks an important step for our companies. We hope it will be a foundation of what may be a long-lasting partnership in this vibrant and high potential market”, commented Narek Harutyunyan, CEO and Founder of Rengy Development.