RECOM Technologies expands PUMA series

RECOM Technologies expands PUMA series with the new

PUMA 660-675 Wp shingled technology modules


Industry-leading High Power and Durable Panels for Residential, Commercial & Utility Scale Projects



Lannion, France, September 20, 2022 – RECOM Technologies, α leading renewable energy company and European Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturer, is expanding its PUMA series and announces the new PUMA 660-675Wp bifacial double glass solar range. Perfectly suited for commercial and utility scale installations, this new range, with its maximum output, represents industry’s most efficient solution.


With 25 years product warranty, PUMA modules are based on the shingled technology which allows higher cells density than standard half-cut modules. Shingled technology eliminates traditional ribbon connection with shingles connected in series. By removing the soldered ribbons, the active area of the module is improved and thermal stresses are reduced – resulting in exceptional efficiency and reliability over standard interconnections. With higher yield per surface area, PUMA modules deliver outstanding performance under extreme heat as well as low intensity solar radiation.


RECOM’s shingled technology PUMA series modules (435-450Wp for residential and 660-675Wp for utility) provide superior results in all performance parameters. With fewer gaps and a larger active area, the PUMA series boasts high module efficiency. Apart from high power (up to 675Wp) and low temperature coefficient (-0.34), the modules have lower resistive losses, reduced risk of micro cracks, higher cells density and improved aesthetics. They also have 5% higher generation per unit area and the unique characteristic of energy generation in cloudy condition (80% better performance under the shade). 


“The PUMA 660-670Wp solar modules are the ideal solution for commercial and utility scale installations that aim for high efficiency, durability and low-cost,” said Hamlet Tunyan, CEO & Founder of RECOM Technologies. “With these new technology introductions we reinforce our commitment to households’, enterprises’ and communities’ energy independence, thus contributing to overcoming the energy crisis and to world’s transition to clean energy.”


Product Specifications

Bifacial Mono Crystalline Double Glass Module

25 Years product warranty

Up to 30 Years Transferable Linear Power Output Warranty

Reduced transportation costs

87,2% performance output warranty after 25 years

Over 60Wp more compared to standard modules

Module efficiency up to 21,7%

Reduced Risk Of Micro Cracks



RECOM’s power plants are certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and PUMA series is fully certified to IEC61215 & 61730, Salt mist (IEC 61701), Ammonia (IEC62716) and PID (IEC 62804) standards.


RECOM supports fast and reliable deliveries ensuring product availability at European warehouses.


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