Clean, reliable, and cost-effective

Quality and experience matters, especially where utilities are concerned. It’s crucial to know how to maintain the performance of a large solar power plant and ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency not just now, but 25 years down the line and beyond.

From selecting the appropriate site for optimum performance, to maintenance and asset management, there’s a minefield of expertise required when it comes to utility-scale solar. And that’s where we come in.

RECOM is proud to be a leading total solar solutions provider leveraging our progress to enable greater sustainability impact for our customers and our industry. We’ve worked with hundreds of developers, EPCs, and utility companies in dozens of countries across the globe to bring large-scale solar projects to life.

What we offer

Financing Solutions

RECOM collaborates with internationally accredited EPC’s, developers and financial institutions, and we’re committed to helping investors, partners and clients achieve maximum ROI on their solar investments through a combination of innovative PV module manufacturing and sophisticated financial services.

Personalized Project Financing

From favorable payment terms to bridge financing, we provide tailor-made financing solutions for small to large scale solar projects worldwide, as well as engineering support and consultancy right up to connection to the grid.