European Manufacturer RECOM makes Bloomberg NEF 4Q 2019 Tier 1 Module Maker List

RECOM, a leading European solar module manufacturer and independent power producer (IPP) globally, is among the recipients of BloombergNEF Tier 1 for 4Q 2019.

BloombergNEF tiering system is aimed at the creation of a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of solar module producers on the market. Its tiering criteria is predicated on solar companies‘ self-manufactured modules and their use in multitude of non-recourse bank-financed utility scale solar projects over a two year period as measure of bankability of their products.

As one of the very few European manufacturers on the Tier 1 list, RECOM has a growing presence in the solar market since 2007. Its module and cell manufacturing facilities in Lannion, France, and Padua, Italy, respectively and its large footprint of utility scale projects globally, have all made RECOM’s inclusion in the list possible.

“We are proud to acquire Tier 1 ranking,” says RECOM CEO Hamlet Tunyan. “This, first and foremost, rewards our past work and speaks of RECOM brand’s  bankability; but also gives additional impulse to our 2020 and onward expansion plans both in manufacturing capacity and solar projects.”