Cyprus: a step closer to green energy with RECOM’s support

RECOM is the largest solar manufacturing company in Europe with significant experience in planning, developing and supplying large scale projects as well.

In the last few years, RECOM’s presence and activity in Cyprus has grown remarkably. In 2017, in cooperation with the CYPV Energy Limited investment group and with the financing of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), 11,9 MW of solar projects have been realized in five different locations—Frenaros, Nisou, Dali, Palaiometocho, Malounta.

RECOM, has also secured, through tenders, 20MW of solar projects out of 35MW offered, which are planned to be installed during 2019. The first big project of 4,5MW in Pissouri is already under construction. In addition, another two projects of 4MW have been agreed upon through the feed-in-tariff financing. For RECOM, the acquisition of the aforementioned projects is a milestone in their Cyprus activities which contributes to country’s smooth transition to solar energy.

RECOM has offices in 8 different countries, owns and operates two manufacturing facilities in Europe (France and Italy) and currently has under construction several new facilities, the largest of which (750 MW) is in Armenia. RECOM’s worldwide production capacity will reach up to 1.7 GW in late 2019.

With twelve years of uninterrupted experience in the solar industry, RECOM stands out among its peers for its high-level technical expertise, innovation, top-notch quality and design, financial stability and professional services to partners, investors and clients.

RECOM’s is committed to make solar energy by far the cheapest source of electricity and accessible for everyone and everywhere. To this end RECOM has invested in numerous projects throughout the world, in research and development and, of course, in manufacturing and installation. As a Group of companies based in Europe, RECOM professes to the European social quality and sustainability standards, fair competition and state-of-the-art technology and innovation.